Portable Cabin And Prefab Buildings Home Business Income Opportunity

Make Money In Nigeria Right From
The Comfort of Your Home!

Do you know anyone who need portacabins, container offices, prefab houses, mobile home, or steel buildings?

If yes, simply refer that person or organization to us and we will pay you commission on the total purchases made by that person or organization.

It's that simple. No stories, no arguments, no hassles.

Here's the best part.

When you signup as one of our distributor or dealer, we will pay you every time you refer a paying customer to us. And when the customer makes a purchase any time in the future.

We call it lifetime commission system.

In simple words . . . we pay you lifetime commission or commission for as long as the customer continues to purchase from us.

This means that when you refer a customer to us, you earn commission when the customer purchases from us now and when the customer purchases from us any time in the future, whether you're aware of that future purchase or not.

This is fantastic!

So, hurry!

Start telling everyone you know about our portacabins, prefab houses and steel buildings. And start earning juicy commissions on all of their purchases.


You need to first signup as a distributor and get a free distributor account before promoting our products in order to get credited for the sale and therefore get paid the appropriate commission.

The good news is . . . it's free to become a distributor.

Click HERE to create a free distributor or dealer account and position yourself to start earning from our portakabin dealer program.

"I Don't Know Anyone Who Wants To Buy Portakabin!"

Suppose, right now, you don't know anyone who is looking to buy a portakabin, container office, mobile home, or prefabricated building of any sort. What then? Does that mean you cannot profit from our dealership program?

Of course Not!

You can still profit from our portable cabin income opportunity by joining our affiliate program and promoting our products online and offline.

When you create a dealer account and then promote our products online and offline, people seeking to buy portable buildings, container offices, prefab cabins, and residential or commercial prefab houses will see your ads and click on your referral link in the ad to visit your distributor website. When they do and thereafter purchase from us, you get credited for the sale whether you knew them before or not.

As an affiliate, partner-in-sales, or independent sales representative, all you need to do to earn commission from our dealer program is to refer potential buyers to the FREE distributor web site we give you when you signup. Thereafter, we credit your distributor account with the commission earned from actual purchases by people you referred to your distributor website. And your earnings are paid directly to your bank account.

This means that you can become a distributor for our portacabins, prefab houses, mobile homes, and other steel buildings without disrupting your normal daily routine.

In fact, you can be a distributor and earn fat cheques right from the comfort of your home.

This is the perfect home business!

Since this is a home business, you can become a partner, dealer, distributor, or affiliate anywhere you live in Nigeria or the world.

All you have to do to earn money . . . and plenty of it . . . is to send potential buyers to your distributor website in droves whether through online or offline advertising or promotion.

Here's something you must not forget . . .

The more potential buyers you refer to your distributor web site the MORE sales you will generate and the MORE money you will earn from us.


How would we know you're the person who referred a customer to us so we pay you the appropriate commission?

Read the next paragraph for answers.

Our Affiliate Tracking Software

The FREE distributor web site we give our affiliates, dealers, or distributors is powered by a sales tracking software. This software tells the company when a company sale occurred through a specific distributor website and the distributor who owns that web site is paid the applicable commission based on the total value of sales generated.

Bottom line.

When customers make purchases through your distributor website, the company will pay you promptly based on the volume of sales generated. No stories!

Distributors can log into the back office of their distributor website and . . .

1. View a list of everyone they have signed up as a distributor

2. The volume of sales they have generated and

3. The commission they have earned

. . . anywhere they live in Nigeria or the world . . . and 24/7.

Remember . . .

Any sales generated through your distributor web site or affiliate link is credited to you and
you get paid in the next payment cycle.

This means that any time you promote our products through Facebook, online forums or anywhere else online, you should add your distributor website url, affiliate link or referral link to the message or post to get credited for the purchases resulting from people clicking on that promotion link and visiting your distributor web site.

Remember to always use your affiliate link or referral url when talking to people online or offline about our portable cabins and prefab homes.

We identify distributors through their affiliate link or distributor web site link and credit them with the sales they generate and the corresponding commission.

Commission Payments

So, when do we pay our distributors for sales generated?

We pay distributors every week for sales generated the previous week.

Commission payments are made every Tuesday to distributors who generated qualified sales the previous week.

Most likely you're wondering, "what do we pay you when you bring us a customer who buys any of our products?"

Click HERE to see our compensation plan which explains in detail what we pay our distributors.

Click HERE to create a free distributor account